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A gift to the community from – updated 5-Aug-2020

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NextCloud collaboration platform deployed

Learn more about NextCloud in the above 2 min video intro

Whut Izzit ?

Think of it as something like Dropbox on Steroids, plus GoogleDrive+GoogleDocs, and/or Microsoft 365 online, but better!

The NextCloud Platform is a GroupWare tool. Sub-Groups of activists can now organize & co-ordinate their efforts in one workspace.

Whaddya GEt?

The list of Features in NextCloud (currently) includes many powerful tools :-

  • SECURE END-TO-END encryption on all Portal features
  • Document editing inside the web browser. Includes Text, Notes, compatibility with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Collaboration (simultaneous editing of any document)
  • A public facing WordPress engine. (Serves this Blog and Portal page!)
  • Built-in SECURE EMAIL App – Our own private emails between members
  • Platform-internal Document Search
  • Calendar
  • Secure document Sharing for Users and Groups with granular Access Permissions. (more efficient than emailing files.)
  • NC-TALK plug – for encrypted GROUP VIDEO and VOICE CHAT, and even Screen Sharing.
  • (more details) —>

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OnlyOffice bug fixed

UPDATE on OnlyOffice -20-Jun-2020

Problems where OnlyOffice was not saving files properly with shared users has now been resolved by system update. Yay! Back to business as usual.

News Flash  Р05-Apr-2020

OnlyOffice currently will not save changes to documents that have been shared for collaboration.

As normal, *.DOCX, *.XLSX, *.PUBX documents may be copied, moved, shared, up/downloaded, opened viewed, … but changes and edits will not be saved.


A negotiation dispute between NextCloud gmbh and OnlyOffice Corporation is in play. When the companies make an announcement, I will come as administrator, decide whether to replace only office with Collabora or not.


For now, simply download the file to your PC and edit there. Once everything is finished, just upload it back to your NextCloud location.


Download and install your NextCloud Desktop App to have all your files synced straight to your PC. (Installation Guide) Edit them on PC directly.