10: JITSI Video Conferencing

PORTAL URL for Video Conferencing = https://jitsi.epsilonit.netclick and go!

Housed on our private server. Simple. Safe. Free.

1. Announcing our Video Conferencing, Audio, ScreenSharing server.

2. NO recording, logging, SIP, or voice transcription.

3. NextCloud Acccount or login is NOT REQUIRED for users.

4. Multi-Users, Multi-Rooms – tested so far with 5 users. 100’s possible.

5. Extra security via – Chat Rooms, Password protection, Lobbies.

6. Not reliant on the hardware of NextCloud TALK Server.

7. No man-in-the-middle hackability. No ties to CIA, NSA, FSB, CCP, Mossad.

8. Use PC Browser or the JITSI app for Android or Iphone smartphones


8: Files – Simple Sharing

Share with 1 person, a group, or Non-NextCloud user

  • No need to email your files any more. Just click the SHARE button.
  • Your work folders, files, documents, videos, pictures, and notes will now automagically appear in your co-worker’s folders.
  • Check the Sharing permissions so Users can either Edit, Delete, Re-share, or Stop sharing your special files.
  • What if a co-worker is not on NextCloud, but needs to download your file. Simple. Create a special external (public) Link/URL and send it to them by email, chat or SMS.

For more complex / advanced file access and sharing, go here instead.

7: Files – Upload (PC / Phone)

7a: Uploading from SmartPhone

– To UPLOAD to NextCloud from your PC;

Select a file in File Explorer, then simply left-click-hold, drag-and-drop onto NextCloud

7b: Uploading from SmartPhone

– To UPLOAD to NextCloud from your PHONE:  Watch this Video

  • Lets assume a document is being viewed on your phone
  • Touch menu to find three dots (to offer extra options)
  • Select share
  • Select your installed your (already installed) NextCloud app
  • Choose a folder in NextCloud App to upload your file to
  • Select upload button.

3. Files – Sync files to PC

Prefer working on your PC? All’s good !

Download the NextCloud Deskop Sync App

Create a special NextCloud folder on your PC. And attach it to the Sync Tool.

Now copy and organize all your files in PC’s folder.

Your NextCloud PC folder is immediately synced to your online NextCloud Account

Work super effectively by learning How to Sync