10: JITSI Video Conferencing

PORTAL URL for Video Conferencing = https://jitsi.epsilonit.netclick and go!

Housed on our private server. Simple. Safe. Free.

1. Announcing our Video Conferencing, Audio, ScreenSharing server.

2. NO recording, logging, SIP, or voice transcription.

3. NextCloud Acccount or login is NOT REQUIRED for users.

4. Multi-Users, Multi-Rooms – tested so far with 5 users. 100’s possible.

5. Extra security via – Chat Rooms, Password protection, Lobbies.

6. Not reliant on the hardware of NextCloud TALK Server.

7. No man-in-the-middle hackability. No ties to CIA, NSA, FSB, CCP, Mossad.

8. Use PC Browser or the JITSI app for Android or Iphone smartphones

What the JITSI app looks like in action

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