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NextCloud collaboration platform deployed

Learn more about NextCloud in the above 2 min video intro

Whut Izzit ?

Think of it as something like Dropbox on Steroids, plus GoogleDrive+GoogleDocs, and/or Microsoft 365 online, but better!

The NextCloud Platform is a GroupWare tool. Sub-Groups of activists can now organize & co-ordinate their efforts in one workspace.

Whaddya GEt?

The list of Features in NextCloud (currently) includes many powerful tools :-

  • SECURE END-TO-END encryption on all Portal features
  • Document editing inside the web browser. Includes Text, Notes, compatibility with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Collaboration (simultaneous editing of any document)
  • A public facing WordPress engine. (Serves this Blog and Portal page!)
  • Built-in SECURE EMAIL App – Our own private emails between members
  • Platform-internal Document Search
  • Calendar
  • Secure document Sharing for Users and Groups with granular Access Permissions. (more efficient than emailing files.)
  • NC-TALK plug – for encrypted GROUP VIDEO and VOICE CHAT, and even Screen Sharing.
  • (more details) —>

  • Tasks Lists (with Nesting)
  • Project Tools/Apps for Groups, to organize complex jobs
  • OSM (Open Source Maps). Google-maps like, but no spying!
  • Mind-Map tool.
  • Post-it Notes
  • Auto-syncing of your NextCloud files to your PC Desktop
  • Auto-Activity Tracking for all work done inside NextCloud
  • More exciting features to come!

NextCloud should spur activists (AND the many community/ neighbourhood sub-groups) to a whole new level of campaign effectiveness, productivity, collaboration and security.

WhoDunnIt ?

Con G. hosts the hardware and software on his premises on a secure private dedicated linux server. (Hosted as sub-domain on Backed up regularly.

Neo: “Hmmm…. UPGRADES !”

Note:- As we uptake regular users, Con G will upgrade hardware so CPU-Intensive Voice & Video stuff will handle multiple groups’ to video chat simultaneously. Meantime, ongoing software updates for security, improvements and new features for server, administration are a given. Security it great now, but quite soon, it’ll be near Military Grade Specifications.

Izzit Free ?

The Software Licence is under GNU Linux. In fact, the whole the platform is FOSS (Free & Open-Source Software), coded by hundreds of dedicated groups world-wide, and is Free to use. (Also meaning ‘Free’ as in “freedom”).

Latest Buzz:

So; Fom today you can use the new PRIVATE EMAIL SERVER. I mean … like “Hillary Clinton Private Email Server”. It is EVEN MORE SECURE than ProtonMail. Users can, upon request, have their very own SSL-certified white-listed secure email account as <user>

This secure email facility is primarily for internal BETWEEN NextCloud users/members. Whilst emails CAN be sent externally to Bigpond, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook etc. its better to not do so in case Big-Tech begins to SPAM or block the server.

Your new Private Email

Login HERE to use ‘Roundcube’ interface … OR alternatively click HERE to see the fully-integrated email inside NextCloud (found on Nextcloud’s blue Menu|MAIL icon).

Yes, it IS also possible to add MULTIPLE existing email accounts to the NextCloud eMail tool. So ask the admin, and he might help you add your other emails into your NextCloud workspace.

How-To’s – BeCOME a NextCloud NINJA!

We have helpful videos on using NextCloud. Its easy-as-pie. Jump Straight to the HOW-TO section Now ——->

The Admin will send regular hints and tips, and even some amateur help videos. Depending on your communicated needs, Con G can offer some personalized or group coaching sessions to improve your proficiency on NextCloud. For now, log in and have a poke around.

as a Groupware tool. e.g.  How to Sync,

… or … How to use NextCloud Talk

….or How to us secure File Sharing.

Do You SEE-EYE-Aye ?

NONE of our Data will be stored or passed through BIG-TECH’s Cloud Infrastructure. It stays on OURS. Nextcloud operates in a decentralized way. Independent of Big-Tech.

There’s NO middle-man phishing, or stealing your data. NO profiling of users. NO creepy Google, Government, Apple, Microsoft (eg Skype), or Facebook (e.g. Messenger or Whatsapp) spying over your shoulder.

So, no need to self-sensor, or cripple your free-speech when communicating with people on this platform. While on NextCloud, you can be yourself, safely/ freely sharing ideas and documents.

Just as we like using SIGNAL (one of our favourite messaging apps for its great security), NextCloud is similarly safe. But – in time – our group can start using NextCloud’s Built-in TALK App (on PC, Android & Apple iOS), to do all secure MESSAGING, Chat, VIDEO CONFERENCES, and VOICE CALLS.

SEEN Needs YOU !!

Please LOG IN today. Give your NextCloud Account a test-drive HERE:

Con G. has been working on this for months now. And now, (as Committee Members) its time to dive-in and familiarize yourself. Our Managing Sub-Committee has begun their beta-testing. But only the frequent and enthusiastic adoption and exploration will bring the amazing potential of this tool to all members. By investing in your own curiosity, users can overcome any small learning curve, and a whole new level of collaboration will be SEEN.


Please use the TALK or EMAIL apps to provide feedback. Most importantly, send any critique, concerns, glitches suggestions etc. so the Admin knows what to improve next.

The Big Pic

[Pssst. Here’s a SECRET: Con G’s long-term plans are big! Once proven in battle by us, this KIND of Workspace can be re-deployed by any neighbourhood Activist Group around the world on their own hardware. Con hopes to freely offer the blank platform to others’ worthwhile activist purposes. Serious groups from “Oppose the Anti-Cash Legislation” or “oppose mandatory vaccinations”, or “Save the Brazilian Rainforests” or “Protest chem-trails”) will all be able to co-ordinate their organisations, and get a running-start on their objectives from Day One.]

Whyzit such a Big Deal Anyway ?

For Safe EMF Education Network, ALL our critical data will now be stored safely in a secure / shared repository. All SEEN setup docs, databases, spreadsheets, online work tools, document templates (including legal and medical form letters) will be shared from one safe place.

All documents, images, videos, audio files, mindmaps etc. ; everything is accessible through strictly and carefully curated Privileges or Permission. Different access levels will be given to the Public, than those for members, committees, volunteers, and professional users. Medicos and Lawyers can work in privileged high security environments, to store data for selected clients or litigants. In this way, key files and data will be organised AT the fingertips of those who need it.

As well as the simultaneous documents editing, NextCloud provides clever Version Control facilities. Progressive document completion can be monitored, old work wont be lost. And viewing/editing of user docs can also be done via NextCloud’s smartphone Apps.

Watch Ya Back !

A warning for users of Windows 10 & Apple: NextCloud works securely/privately inside your browser, Cookies from NextCloud can be trusted because there is no advertising or tracking etc.. HOWEVER, when you click OUTSIDE the NextCloud browser workspace, Windoze & Apple can still collect over 300+ discrete data fragments including audio, other websites you visit, the speed between your mouse-clicks, what YouTubes you watch. (Here’s an article to help understand and remedy these kinds of problems: )


For better SECURITY, please understand we are only as secure as the password you choose to log in. So when you first log-in, change yours … and make it a strong one!

As a SEEN member, you will receive your login details and two passwords. One is for NextCloud, & the other is for your private e-mailbox (in case you want to test email address using the different RoundCube Interface).

To check out NextCloud’s online security rating Go here: and type “” in the request box

You’re so Special!

For now, NextCloud is only for our committee members. As new members join SEEN, surprises and initiatives will follow.

Thank you for your continued support – Con G.

Author: admin

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