9: Files – Advanced Sharing

Sharing with a USER, GROUP, or CHATROOM

  1. First click on the SHARING icon next to your file or folder

2. Now start typing a name in “Name, federated cloud ID or email address” box

share to user

3. USER or GROUP names appear. Click the green “Press Enter to Select” button, and your file or folder is now shared with others.

4. Click on the “3-Dots” at the right of USER/GROUP’s name, and now the set permissions allowed to others. (eg. Editing, creating, deleting, expiry dates etc.). Study the full image below.

5. OK. Now its time to click the LINK button. This invisibly copies the long URL location string into memory, which you can then PASTE in an email to friends.

Here is the LINK button. Click to copy your Share-Link to PC memory

6. Note this is also the place to later UNSHARE your link. If you dont set an expiry date.

P.S. Note: you can share links directly to –

in your emails, you can paste them directly into NextCloud’s —

  • TALK (video and chat space),
  • Group PROJECT (click on the blue DECK button on the NextCloud Blue Bar)
  • CHAT area (right hand panel)
  • COMMENTS area (right hand panel)

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