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A gift to the community from – updated 5-Aug-2020

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NextCloud collaboration platform deployed

Learn more about NextCloud in the above 2 min video intro

Whut Izzit ?

Think of it as something like Dropbox on Steroids, plus GoogleDrive+GoogleDocs, and/or Microsoft 365 online, but better!

The NextCloud Platform is a GroupWare tool. Sub-Groups of activists can now organize & co-ordinate their efforts in one workspace.

Whaddya GEt?

The list of Features in NextCloud (currently) includes many powerful tools :-

  • SECURE END-TO-END encryption on all Portal features
  • Document editing inside the web browser. Includes Text, Notes, compatibility with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Collaboration (simultaneous editing of any document)
  • A public facing WordPress engine. (Serves this Blog and Portal page!)
  • Built-in SECURE EMAIL App – Our own private emails between members
  • Platform-internal Document Search
  • Calendar
  • Secure document Sharing for Users and Groups with granular Access Permissions. (more efficient than emailing files.)
  • NC-TALK plug – for encrypted GROUP VIDEO and VOICE CHAT, and even Screen Sharing.
  • (more details) —>

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