8: Files – Simple Sharing

Share with 1 person, a group, or Non-NextCloud user

  • No need to email your files any more. Just click the SHARE button.
  • Your work folders, files, documents, videos, pictures, and notes will now automagically appear in your co-worker’s folders.
  • Check the Sharing permissions so Users can either Edit, Delete, Re-share, or Stop sharing your special files.
  • What if a co-worker is not on NextCloud, but needs to download your file. Simple. Create a special external (public) Link/URL and send it to them by email, chat or SMS.

For more complex / advanced file access and sharing, go here instead.

7: Files – Upload (PC / Phone)

7a: Uploading from SmartPhone

– To UPLOAD to NextCloud from your PC;

Select a file in File Explorer, then simply left-click-hold, drag-and-drop onto NextCloud

7b: Uploading from SmartPhone

– To UPLOAD to NextCloud from your PHONE:  Watch this Video

  • Lets assume a document is being viewed on your phone
  • Touch menu to find three dots (to offer extra options)
  • Select share
  • Select your installed your (already installed) NextCloud app
  • Choose a folder in NextCloud App to upload your file to
  • Select upload button.