3. Files – Sync files to PC

Prefer working on your PC? All’s good !

Download the NextCloud Deskop Sync App

Create a special NextCloud folder on your PC. And attach it to the Sync Tool.

Now copy and organize all your files in PC’s folder.

Your NextCloud PC folder is immediately synced to your online NextCloud Account

Work super effectively by learning How to Sync

OnlyOffice bug fixed

UPDATE on OnlyOffice -20-Jun-2020

Problems where OnlyOffice was not saving files properly with shared users has now been resolved by system update. Yay! Back to business as usual.

News Flash  Р05-Apr-2020

OnlyOffice currently will not save changes to documents that have been shared for collaboration.

As normal, *.DOCX, *.XLSX, *.PUBX documents may be copied, moved, shared, up/downloaded, opened viewed, … but changes and edits will not be saved.


A negotiation dispute between NextCloud gmbh and OnlyOffice Corporation is in play. When the companies make an announcement, I will come as administrator, decide whether to replace only office with Collabora or not.


For now, simply download the file to your PC and edit there. Once everything is finished, just upload it back to your NextCloud location.


Download and install your NextCloud Desktop App to have all your files synced straight to your PC. (Installation Guide) Edit them on PC directly.